Creating The First Sonic Arboretum

Without a tremendous amount of notice, an opportunity arose for Andrew Bird and me to launch a concept we had spoken about for quite a while. I had been wanting to create a system of horns that could be used as a creative tool, both for composing in new spatial ways and also for making unique recordings of spatial sonic phenomenon. At any rate, work commenced immediately to produce 48 horns for the Guggenheim show.

We assembled a special crew of workers and trained them in the art of newsprint and dryer lint assembly. Crash courses in french polishing all around. Special traveling crates were devised at the last minute to get the horns to New York in one piece.

My ultimate goal is to reach 96 horns paired with 96 single ended triode tube amps. I would like to make 96 channel recordings to play back over the system.

See the PBS News Hour article about the first Sonic Arboretum at the Guggenheim NYC.

You can see photos of the horns and from the show here.