Specimen Audio Exhibition SOFA Chicago

Specimen Audio by Ian Schneller exhibited in multiple venues at SOFA Art Expo Chicago,

Friday, Nov. 2 – Sunday, Nov. 4 2012.

SOFA —Sculptural Objects and Functional Art & Design Art Expo has been presented in Chicago since 1994. The fair provides an opportunity to gallerists from across the globe to show selected artists working in wood, glass, metal, plastic, and alternative materials.

“I was invited to exhibit by Aron Packer the Chicago curator known for representing artists who create idiosyncratic work with exceptional craft or an obsessive quality. I’ve known Aron for years, and have always admired his singular vision. Ever since attending the show back when I was in art school, I have always thought of it as “the non-painting show.” The show opened on the evening of  Thursday, Nov. 1. 2012 to massive crowds perusing booths, enjoying cocktails, and exhibiting their own personal style. My favorite visitor was a tall, thin, elderly woman with cropped white hair dressed in full equestrian attire: black velvet riding hat; jodhpurs; and riding boots! Thanks go to Scott Shigley for his amazing photos of the Aerosels.”

—Ian Schneller

Aerosel Sculptures were widely seen at the show. A collection of six of the sculptures were on view. An Aerosel is a suspended sculpture which utilizes its own specific design’s aero-dynamism —the properties that respond to the fluctuation of a multitude of atmospheric variables in the environment including sound waves, air motion and temperature variations.  Presented a loft, high above the crowd in the large cafe area, the Aerosels were suspended from a 20 foot ceiling and lit by focused spotlights amid curvilinear walls. The lighting gave shadow play in motion as the undulating spiral forms gently moved in response to the atmospherics in the space. The scene gave an added dimension and playful life to the giant exhibition.

XL Horn Speakers were on view in the the Audi Conversation Space, and they were used to deliver lecturer presentations  throughout the show.

Specimen horn speakers and hi-fi stereo tube amps were on view alongside work from artists Ellen Greene, Casey Gunschel, Brian Dettmer, Matthew Cox, and Jim Dingilian in the Packer-Schopf Gallery booth.


A collection of six Aerosel sculptures were on view presented high above the crowds in the cafe, where they were suspended from a 20 foot ceiling and lit with focused spotlights against curvilinear walls.