SOLD Single-ended Stereo Tube Amp – Dark Green Serial #347 MCA


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On SALE now through Dec 31, 2019!


Faded Green Single Ended Stereo Tube Amp SP 347 MCA

This amp was in the MCA Sonic Arboretum show in 2011 then installed at Lula cafe for over fifteen years and has now been fully refurbished).  It still has the patina of restaurant use but the signal carrying components and power supply have been rebuilt. I am putting it up at the regular sale price because of its Chicago history in spite of it’s “Beausage”.

These amplifiers are entirely hand made right here in Chicago, with love.

The circuit is derived from the classic single-ended designs that began in the 1930s. Plug your Computer, CD player, turntable, wireless system (Click here to see the Dayton bluetooth receiver), or virtually any other sound source into this elegant circuit and enjoy eight watts per channel of beautiful listening pleasure. More than enough to power any of my Horn Speakers. Underside view is to show the circuit. The actual amp is shown above in Green

The infrastructure is solid and simple. Every part is discreet, mounted on turrets, and can be easily changed in minutes if desired or necessary. This is truly an immortal amp. According to modern standards it is large and heavy for its power output, but it is designed to stand the tests of time and perform reliably. You will not need another amp in your lifetime and perhaps several generations more. One of these units (This one) has run 16 hours a day in a busy restaurant setting for over fifteen years with very minimal maintenance (A few tube changes and a tired coupling capacitor replaced)

This represents a vastly more ecological investment than is typical when you consider how many plastic box store amps would be in land fills due to obsolescence and malfunction by now.

The amplifier frame is made using the same Baltic Birch plywood as my horn speakers and is finished in nitrocellulose lacquer. 

This circuit can be used with a variety of different power tubes without modification (e.g., EL34, 6L6, 6550, KT88, KT77, 350B, etc). This amp is a perfect companion for any of my Horn Speakers, but can also be used with any other speakers.

  • Tubes

    Two 6SL7 tubes, two EL34 tubes, one GZ34 rectifier tube

  • Controls

    Two volume controls

  • Inputs

    Two RCA input jacks

  • Power

    8 watts per channel

  • Weight

    20 lbs.

  • Dimensions

    11" wide x 16" deep x 8" high