Single Ended Stereo Hi Fi Amp Kit


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Building the Specimen Products Single Ended Stereo Tube Amp Kit is a great way to have supreme music fidelity, extreme component longevity, and the timeless beauty of form following function at a greatly reduced price. Enjoy crafting your very own heirloom audio  component from this incredible Kit. Many years of research and refinement have gone into this design, and the outcome is spectacular, now in kit form!

If you can use a screwdriver, socket set, needle nose pliers, and a soldering iron, then you can build this Specimen Single Ended Stereo amp kit in a weekend. The instruction book will guide you through every step of the process. I promise that your grandchildren will be boasting about how their grandparent made the stereo system that their friends are dancing to. See more details here:  Single Ended Stereo Tube Amp

Specimen 2A3 Hi Fi Stereo Tube Amp