Plumb Horn Speakers

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The Plumb Horn Speaker design is a natural evolution of my horn geometries. It occurred to me while contemplating twining vines and creeping foliage, that there is an symbiotic interface between architectonic structure and organic growth patterns. This can be put to good use when a load bearing column cannot easily be eradicated from a new dream loft space. They are Column Solvers!

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The Plumb Horn evolved as new generation of the Eremurus horn – the tallest of the eight unique horn speaker prototypes produced for my show Aero Dynamisms at Packer Schopf Gallery.  The Plumb horns work exceedingly well in any botanical setting. They almost look as if they have grown in place.

Compatibility and Placement

These speakers are designed to work well elevated, out in the open, or even placed on the ground to achieve a more spatially expansive installation, as in the Sonic Arboretum exhibitions.

All Specimen Horn speakers can be paired with my hi-fi tube amplifiers for a beautiful sonic symbiosis. Or they can be paired with virtually any other system and achieve excellent results.



Crimson Plumb Horn Speakers

The Eremurus horn speaker with yellow bell stands tallest among the eight unique horn speakers created for Aero Dynamisms, my eight channel installation at Packer Schopf Gallery. The collection of eight shown at Garfield Conservatory, Chicago in 2014.

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