Single-ended Monoblock Tube Amplifier – Natural Serial #828


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Single-ended Monoblock Tube Amplifier Natural – Serial #828

This amp grew out of the need for a center channel on a 7.1 home theater system using all Specimen horns, tube amps and Subwoofer. It simply seemed awkward to use a stereo unit and leave one channel dangling. A minor redesign produced a monoblock version. Though not a space-saving measure or more economical, there is a purity and simplicity to the monoblock which cannot be denied. Channel separation is a non-issue.

I plan to implement my Pentode Driven 2A3 amp in this format because of the relaxed space contingencies. Also, the 6C6 pentode and 2A3 pre-date stereo by quite a bit, so a pair of SET monoblocks may be more appropriate from a historical standpoint.


  • Circuit

    Single-ended triode, Class A

  • Tubes

    One 6SL7 pre-amp tube, one 6L6G power tube, one 5U4 Rectifier

  • Power

    8 watts

  • Inputs

    One RCA line-level

  • Dimensions

    16" deep x 9-7/8" wide x 8" high

  • Weight

    18 lbs.

Specimen Mono Block SP828