Little Horn Speakers

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With the Little Horn Speakers, the soundstage gets bigger, the instruments spread apart, and the stage unfolds.

These horn speakers turn the audio world upside down! They possess a soundstage unlike anything ever heard.

  • Dimensions

    36" tall overall
    14" horn diameter
    8" cube base
    10" minimum shelf depth

  • Driver

    Fostex FE-108EZ 4" full range driver

  • Impedance

    8 ohms

  • Sensitivity

    1 W/1m 90 dB

  • Frequency Response

    77Hz - 23kHz

Specimen Little Horn Speakers with Satellite Subwoofer

A special inverted design enables the low frequencies to emerge at the top of the enclosure. An octagonally fluted horn carries them upward and lets them flourish into the room. The immense structural rigidity of the horns octagonal geometry minimizes resonances yet allows sound waves to expand freely the way nature intended. There is simply something beautiful here, not just bass frequency reproduction, but a spatial imaging that belies the speaker’s size.

The Little Horns can be used with almost any stereo system, and are also uniquely suited to low-power (10-watts or less per channel), single-ended triode (SET) tube amplifiers – a standard for audiophiles everywhere. Pair these speakers with our matching stereo tube amplifier and create a unique ensemble that an iPod or other sound source can be plugged directly into.

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Or for a minimalist setup, pair the Little Horns with Specimen’s satellite/sub-woofer. This self-contained unit connects directly to your iPod, mp3 player, computer, CD player, or other sound source. It is a small, 11-inch cube containing a 50-watt sub-woofer and two 25-watt satellite feeds for the Little Horns.

For those seeking extra slam below 100 hertz, the Little Horns can be used in conjunction with our 300-watt Subwoofer. Also built using the same Baltic Birch, this 14-inch unit can be finished to match your Little Horns and hooks up directly to your amplifier.

Little Horn Audio Speakers in Dark Orange
Little Horn Audio Speakers in Dark Green
Specimen Little Horn Speakers
Specimen Little Horn Speakers
Specimen Little Horn Speakers
Specimen Little Horn Speakers
Specimen Little Horn Speakers

Specimen created a custom stereo system for the Angels & Kings penthouse suite at The Hard Rock Hotel, Chicago. Guests can simply plug in their iPhone, Android, or computer and enjoy. The system includes a pair of Little Horn Speakers,  Single-ended Hi-Fi Stereo Tube Amp and 300-watt Subwoofer.

Little Horn Speakers, Subwoofer and Hi Fi Stereo Amp in the Angels & Kings Suite at Hard Rock Hotel Chicago

“The Little Horn speakers are designed for serious listening, and perform best when the volume is turned up. We recently put them to the test with an iPhone, playing jazz, folk, and acoustic music. The speakers lived up to their claim, emitting surprising depth and presence. With the optional sub-woofer, they easily handled the bass frequencies of hip-hop, dance and electronic.”

–   Cool Hunting, by Roman Espejo