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The Liederhorn speaker’s sonics are splendid. Its shapely curves visually arresting! 

The tight lines and pristine appearance set them apart from the more organic patina of the Legacy Liederhorn speakers which were featured in the Sonic Arboretum exhibitions. Pair Liederhorns with any Specimen Hi fi Tube Amplifier for a beautiful sonic symbiosis.

Call for details on items in stock or for your custom order. Custom horn speakers require 3 – 6 month production time.

  • Dimensions

    40" tall overall
    21" horn diameter
    9" cube base
    12" minimum deep shelf

  • Driver

    4" Fostex FE126En full range

  • Impedance

    8 ohms

  • Sensitivity

    1 W/1m 93 dB

  • Frequency Response

    fs - 25kHz

Design & Construction

All Specimen Horns are entirely handmade at Specimen in Chicago, IL. 

The Liederhorn was originally designed for the Sonic Arboretum, a collaborative project between Specimen’s Ian Schneller and composer/violinist Andrew Bird which exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in December 2011.

The natural woodgrain of the Italian Poplar horn and Baltic Birch base is accentuated by the bold saturated color of the bell making these speakers a perfect choice for discriminating audiophiles and interior designers alike.

The meticulous hand construction process requires several hundred hours per pair.  Form, function and hand work coalesce into a package of beauty and performance. 



Compatibility and Placement

Specimen Horn speakers are designed to work well elevated as a typical bookshelf speaker, out in the open, or even placed on the ground to achieve a more spatially expansive installation, as in the Sonic Arboretum exhibitions.

All Specimen Horn Speakers can be paired with my hi-fi tube amplifiers for a beautiful symbiosis. Or they can be used with virtually any other system and achieve excellent results.

The sound of Specimen Horn Speakers has been described as “holographic” in that the sound seems to be coming from behind the enclosure, making it difficult to identify the sound source. This can evoke the sensation of the instrument being in the room with the listener.

Two arrays of sixteen can be used to create a most exceptional stereo system. If an array of sixteen is ordered, a custom junction box is provided so that they can be powered from a single sound source.

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