Little Horn Speakers: Customer Reviews

Specimen’s Horn Speakers have been purchased by customers from around the world. Some could be classified as audiophiles, while others are seeking a better-quality speaker that is also beautifully designed.

Below is some feedback from customers using a variety of setups. Many of our customers have also provided photos of their Horn Speakers to show how they integrate into their homes/office environments.


David Gamache, Belmont Mass.

The Specimen Horn loudspeakers vibrate air molecules like no other sound system I have ever experienced.     I’ve easily integrated a pair of Calla horns into my  home music & digital instrument studio.   They present an accurate  and unique musical sound field, and perform with  clarity even at low-moderate  volume levels.   They have worked out perfectly for me on a wide variety of instruments and pre-recorded music.     These are now in daily use as my primary music monitors – amplified by simple MonoPrice Pure Tube amp.     I also have added external subwoofer at low gain, to gently support the low end around 60Hz down – very little is needed.

Trevor, Toronto, Canada

“I’m extremely pleased with the Little Horns. The sound is wonderful and they look beautiful. The Little Horns have exceeded my expectations for sound reproduction. They are my favorite speakers, bar none.”
(Trevor has his Little Horns elevated about four feet off the ground on a bookcase and hooked to a Vuum Audio 15 watt tube-equipped amplifier.)

Joseph, Chicago, Illinois

“They are the best speakers that I have yet to own. They are something that you immediately can’t help but notice visually. The rich, full sound they produce perfectly complements their astounding display. They fit perfectly into the design/display of my apt.”
(Joseph’s setup includes an Onkyo receiver that powers the Little Horns as front speakers and a BOSE Acoustimass3 as sub and rear units.)

Abe, South Portland, Maine

“Compared to my other speakers I notice a difference with the Little Horns. There’s more detail. Strings and horns just sound amazing! – It’s like you can hear the sound of the air vibrating around a violin string or coming out of a trumpet.
(Abe’s setup includes an Apple iPod and a Rega P3 turntable hooked up to Sophia Electric Technology EL-34 tube amp and a Boston Acoustics subwoofer)

Mauricio, Charleston, South Carolina

“These speakers rock and not only do they sound good but they also make a statement. First time EVER that my wife wants me to show case a toy of mine. Their design/look and sound are top of market”
(Mauricio’s setup includes the amp he built in our Hi-Fi Tube Amp Seminar hooked up with his iPhone.)

Axel, Lubbecke Germany

“Yes!!!!!! I am pleased with my Little Horns. They completely met my expectations and rate better than most speakers in this price range. I would recommend them to friends.”
(Axel’s setup includes a CD player powered by a tube amplifier 2 x 45 Watts)

Bradford, New York City, New York

These are the perfect speakers for many types of music — especially solo or small combo acoustic music ranging from jazz to tango to Iron and Wine. Violins and horns sound fantastic…great for Duke Ellington or Gideon Kremer. Outstanding build quality. I have recommended them to many friends already. –
(Bradford uses his Apple iPad with the Little Horns hooked up to a Specimen Satellite/Subwoofer)

Aaron, Chicago, Illinois

“The new system is great. Recordings with a great room sound and interesting percussion have especially been a joy to listen to with the enhanced spatial sensation the horns deliver. It’s been really fun going back and discovering new subtle qualities to old recordings. Listening to Victor Uwaifo through the horns right now and it sounds gorgeous. Thanks”
(Aaron’s setup includes Little Horn Speakers, Specimen’s Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier and Subwoofer)