Easy Listening – Hornling Tube Amp System – O’Hare Airport

A Specimen Hi-Fi system featuring Legacy Hornling speakers driven by a Specimen Tube Amplifier were the centerpiece of a boozy pop-up event at O’Hare Airport International Terminal.

Specimen teamed up with Koval Distillery and CB2 to create Chicago’s Living Room, a month-long pop-up event at O’Hare Airport International Terminal, in September 2017.

The space, outfitted with comfy furniture, welcomed international travelers to relax, sample Koval’s organic spirits and listen to music provided by Chicago record labels on a Specimen Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier Stereo System.

Chicago record labels Numero Group (Sept 4), Drag City (Sept 11), Bloodshot (Sept 18), Thrill Jockey (Sept 25) and Trouble in Mind (Sept 28) offered daylong vinyl spinning utilizing the Specimen System on site.