Sonic Vignettes Showcase Exhibition Elgin Arts Center

SONIC VIGNETTES is a sculpture and sound installation by Ian Schneller.

The installation showcases Schnellers’s Aeroesel sculptures in tandem with arrays of his sculptural Specimen Audio components: Janus and XL Janus spinning horn speakers, a variety of Specimen Horn speakers, the Octoblock tube amplifier, several Specimen stereo hi-fi tube amplifiers, and the Nano-Sync Apparatus. These are distributed throughout the space to present a dynamic visual and sound arena.

The Aerosel sculptures are free moving spiral forms suspended from the ceiling and distributed throughout the space. The gentle rotations of each unique Aerosel are guided by their specific design in response to the aero-dynamisms, and they in turn give visual echo to the Janus spinning horn speakers.

Sonic Vignettes introduces Schneller’s Nano-Sync apparatus, a sculpture and the colorful trigger of his special 20 channel sound system. The sound is a recording distributed over 20 channels. Two unique channels of the 20 are embedded in each of ten Apple iPod Nano devices. The Nano-Sync is designed to manually activate all ten Apple iPod Nanos simultaneously, and thus synchronize all of the devices to play in unison, triggering the 20 channels of recorded sound by way of 10 Nano stereo channels. The Nanos are seated in the Nano Sync and feed the recording to Specimen tube amplifiers which drive Specimen horn speakers arrayed throughout the space to produce a site specific spatial experience mediated by sound and sculpture.

The sound of Sonic Vignettes is the Sonic Arboretum musical score which was composed and  performed by Andrew Bird and which has been digitally configured to be distributed to 20 channels for this installation.

In a finely tuned choreography that kicks off the installation, Ian Schneller and his team demonstrate the Nano-Sync operation as sound trigger at the opening reception.


Elgin Arts Center
September 24, 2013
5:00 – 7:30 pm


Ian Schneller exhibit at Elgin Arts CenterIan Schneller exhibit at Elgin Arts CenterIan Schneller exhibit at Elgin Arts Centerian-schneller-exhibit-at-elgin-arts-centerNano Sync Apparatus by Ian SchnellerSpecimen Custom Single-ended Octoblock Stereo Tube Amplifier