The Articulated Mono Block Amplifiers

In the works are a set of Articulated Mono Blocks.

They are single ended and can be made to sport a variety of popular power beam pentodes or your favorite directly heated triodes such as the 2A3 or 300B.  These are 35″ long, or wide depending on how you look at it, by 7 1/2″ deep.  This gives the pair a wingspan of 70″.

The layout is a perfectly linear signal path and physically segmented symmetrically in to two. Hence the name articulated Mono Block.

They look stunning on an appropriately sized mantlepiece or a shelf. They would also work very nicely behind a bar.

The infrastructure is the thing.



The blueprint for the project is a full scale drawing featuring top and side views for layout.


Once the frame parts have been produced, they are glued together

In the spray booth, the frame receives several coats of nitrocellulose lacquer


Coming together alongside a plethora of ongoing projects here at Specimen.


The finished frames are wired with point to point solder connections.