Sculpture you can hear. Sound you can see.
Horn Speakers, Tube Amplifiers & Music Systems Designed and Hand Made by Ian Schneller

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September 2021

Sonic Vignettes Showcase Exhibition Elgin Arts Center

SONIC VIGNETTES is a sculpture and sound installation by Ian Schneller. The installation showcases Schnellers’s Aeroesl sculptures in tandem with arrays of his sculptural Specimen Audio components: Janus and XL Janus spinning horn speakers, a variety of Specimen Horn speakers, the Octoblock tube amplifier, several Specimen stereo hi-fi tube amplifiers, and the Nano-Sync Apparatus. These […]

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In the News

January 2021

The New Yorker

“For the past several holiday seasons, Andrew Bird, the warmly tuneful singer-songwriter-whistler-violinist, has performed a concert series called “Gezelligheid”—meaning “coziness,” or kind of a Dutch hygge—often at the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago. The holiday concerts are “about creating an atmosphere,” Bird said recently. “That’s what seasonal music is to me—how do we get through […]

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